Latest Update from Jeff and Acapulco

Thanks to everyone who donated, we have now raised almost 300k USD for the relief efforts in Acapulco. There are people on the ground getting supplies to pass out to locals as I type.  

Yesterday Jeff did this interview on the situation in Acapulco. Watch it for the latest updates.  

A massive relief effort has been set up (by Jeff’s team) with 100% transparency where they will be providing photos of every receipt.


Even $10 will help get some people food and water, so please, do what you can to help the people who have treated us so well for so many years.

This is the time they need us most. Our hearts are in Acapulco and Playa Bonfil!

Anarchapulco Team

PS. The truth of the situation in Acapulco is being hidden by the government and the media and the situation is dire.  If you can help we have the teams ready to deliver the food, water and supplies needed to help Acapulco. 

You can find our GoFundMe page and crypto links at https://hurricaneotisrecovery.com or at: https://gofund.me/f95afd66

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