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Lily Forester is many things, a true “Jill” of All Trades. She is best known for living the agorist life in Mexico, working from home for Anarchist projects and crafting things for her small personal arts and crafts business. She’s been involved with Agorism and Bitcoin exclusively since 2012, diving in to live a lifestyle where she’s paid nearly entirely in cryptocurrency for her goods and services. She’s been involved with Anarchapulco since 2016 and even forked the conference in 2018 for Anarchaforko, a small decentralized event not very different from the current plans for Anarchapulco. After the murder that shocked the whole anarchist world in 2019, she lives in an undisclosed location in Mexico hustling and saving money with her life partner, 2 cats, dog and exotic cacti collection. She is partnered with the Homestead Guru, her personal blog and Agorist Nexus working constantly to try to bring alternative information to the world while still living as free as possible.

ANARCHAPULCO: Fuck Yeah Agorism