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Love & Healing

The Love & Healing Committee was born out of requests from the community and experiences at previous Anarchapulcos.  Each of us experienced the ups and downs of life; gone through rough patches, felt challenged in a relationship, felt cornered in a situation or couldn’t communicate what was needed or wanted.

The experts in the Love & Healing Committee are a conduit to you and others at the Anarchapulco event or to the production team itself.

If you are in need of assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the committee directly or through our contact page.

Becca Tzigany is author of Venus and Her Lover ~ Transforming Myth, Sexuality, and Ourselves, part of a Tantric art project with her partner of over 20 years, artist JG Bertrand.  Having lived on 4 continents, she has travelled worldwide giving workshops on meditation, activism, Tantra, breathwork, community collaboration, and ecstatic dance. Currently living in Ecuador, she also works as a relationship coach and mediator.  Becca believes that personal transformation is the first step to building a world that is sustainable, just, and beautiful. Her favorite slogan is “Pleasure Heals!”

Email - [email protected]                  Website -

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Jonny Dupre is a Psycho-Social Coach & Trainer who works with peak performers to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their lives. He knows personal sovereignty is the gateway to success and leads the people he meets by helping them achieve their own. Jonny has trained people in 3 continents with his unconventional breakthrough programs that create lasting transformations and exceptional results. He is a trained and certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, and Charisma Coach.

Email - [email protected]               Website -

Christof Melchizedek is a Wisdom Keeper of the Sacred Sciences, his mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species. He helps Architect the right coding and consciousness to ensure people that are awakening are operating at their highest frequency set point, and are aligned to their higher purpose. His deep comprehension of the life sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology and quantum biology, create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principle and scientific revelation. This innerstanding combined with the deep comprehension of the inter-relationship between higher and lower dimensions allow him to clearly and succinctly share the full picture of the totality of what is occurring to our species and planet. This unique combination allows for deep oratory transmissions that make him a sought-after speaker at online events and live experiences. On a personal level Christof acts as a bridge and way shower to help you transcend lower states, shadows and patterns into more refined frequency, awareness and consciousness.

Email - [email protected]                                          Website -


Pyasa Neko Siff is an Evolutionary Activator, a trauma-informed certified somatic sexologist, speaker, and author of The Intimacy Adventure Playbook. Her passion for sharing somatic sex education supports people to discover a felt sense of safety in the body. Her early childhood trauma led her to immerse herself in a process of sexual healing, this has inspired her dedication to lifting the veil on the individual - and collective – sexual/social conditioning that has kept humanity limited and depressed.

Pyasa works internationally with groups and individuals; she uses embodiment exercises, sexological bodywork, mindfulness and emotional release work to create a platform where participants can deprogram holistically. Her unique approach facilitates the release of unconscious patterns, and the reconstruction of neural networks to embody their original design.

Learn more about her and her work @

Luis Fernando Mises 2019 brighter

Luis Fernando Mises


Avens O’Brien

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Matt Philips

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