Meet BearHeart!


A letter from our Shaman

Many blessings,

My given name is Frank Sebastian Saputo however in life have earned  many names, "BearHeart" is the one thats most accurate to understand my energy. Many call me a Medicine Man, a Shaman, Animal Whisperer, spiritual Guide, Healer, See’r, Psychic, visionary, a pure representation on the Devine Masculine, a Protector, Warrior, Wild Man ...

Truly I am a simple man with simple words, a humble student and explorer of Consciousness, Healthy Relations, Nature, Sacred plant medicines and Love.  I live a life of Prayer as a Family Man and Devoted Father to my 3 daughter’s Haylee Paige and Summer Rose and Ayla Liliana and devoted life partner to their mothers Kathleen Saputo and Maria Teresa Chavez.

Simply put, my intention is to live, love and contribute as much as I possibly can in this life….utilizing all of my actual lived experiences and wisdom accumulated thus far and to be of service to this planet and all who pass through it. Pure love, Freedom, Safety and Truth are the 4 energetic pillars in which I embody most with authenticity while navigating with self and others in this life.

I have facilitated countless numbers of sacred ceremonies, Nature Quests and initiations/Rites of Passage for men, women, young adults and families. Some include sacred plant medicine (30 yrs of experience in deep healing and learning with the help of medicinal Master plants) and many others that require none. I have also been honored as being a respected elder within the ONAC (Native American church) as a Devotional Medicine Man in Good standing.

I dedicate large amounts of the year living, learning and teaching side by side with nature, animals and Spirit to give me the opportunity to slow down, remain NatureFull  and stay in a vibration of listening to all consciousness that surrounds us. I  guide people like YOU into remote but safe locations around the world to help you remember how to heal Yourself, learn to see from different perspectives to step fully into your truth and explore what life can be like when living truly Free and aligned from your deepest heart space with less shame blame and guilt , while embodying your innate self with authenticity unapologetically. Are you ready to step fully into these uncharted realms ? Are you ready to remember your very unique part in the mission?

When you are, I’ll be ready. 🙂

Thank you for hearing my Call.
I look forward to co creating together. So it begins.

In love, freedom safety and truth.
The wild Rev.
Frank Sebastian " BearHeart "Saputo

Root of La Forza Sagrada

•Man of Medicine
•Sacred Healing Ceremonialist
•International Explorer
•Survival skills & Soul Quests
•Rites of Passage Facilitator
•Expert Wolf, Dog, and Animal Trainer
•Living example of Love, Freedom, safety and Truth

Caption: A shot from a ceremony held at Bambuddha Holistic Resort, where Bearheart will be practicing this year.

How to get involved with one of our retreats hosted by Bearheart:

We have our Ayahuasca Retreat, which is a full immersion into the Sacred Medicine. You will partake in group dynamics and experience a release of stuck energy in mind, body and spirit! You can book a private room for the entire 3 night retreat, otherwise, you can share a room with a fellow journier.

We also have the Bufo and Kambo Retreat, a four Nights and five Days Immersive and all Inclusive spiritual retreat. Experience present love, pure freedom, ultimate safety and the undeniable Truth. We also offer private rooms for this retreat as well as shared spaces.
Do you feel the call? Sign up today!
Ayahuasca Retreat Private Room

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