Learn how to hold and manage your digital assets 

like a pro.


NFTs (non-fungiable tokens) allow us to record unique digital artworks 

to an immutable, censorship-resistant global ledger.


Prices for individual NFTs have risen to as much $69m in the last two years.


However for Anarchapulco NFTs represent more than just financial value. 

With NFTs we can document our freedom movement via high-quality, uncensorable art. 


Thank you for being a part of this journey.


We invite our Anarchapulco NFT holders to participate in our free, on-line masterclasses 

to find out how to safely manage digital assets and understand their function more deeply.

What you will learn

The 2-hour masterclass covers


1. An overview of blockchain technology, what it is and why it is revolutionarizing our world. 

2. Understanding the advent of smart-contracts and programmable data (the precursor to NFTs).

3. NFTs: when they launched, what they are and important examples.

4. How NFT function: how they operate on the blockchain.

5. Be a confident NFT owner: setting up your wallet, receiving & managing your assets.


6. NFTs and their future impact on humanity.

Anarchapulco NFT masterclasses are hosted by our NFT partners Volition Labs.
Upcoming class times

Book your place below


Wednesday 22 March @ 1pm CST

Friday 24 March @ 10am CST

Monday 27 March @ 1pm CST

Wednesday 29 March 1pm CST

Friday 31 March @ 1pm CST

Monday 3 April @ 1pm CST

Wednesday 5 April @ 1pm CST

Monday 7 April @ 1pm CST

 If you are unable to make these times, please indicate your availability below.
For further information, contact us at [email protected]

If you would like to sign up for the full Volition Labs crypto training to gain a deeper confidence (recommended) 
you can receive a 50% discount on the course as an Anarchapulco NFT holder. 
Just use the discount code Anarchapulco23NFT.
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