Ayahuasca Retreat Shared Room


Immersion de Madrecita medicina Sagrada 

This is for a shared room which will be shared with one other person for this retreat for 3 nights and 4 days.

Tentative Schedule 

13th - Check in, group dynamics, commitments and intentions, release of stuck energy in mind, body and spirit, Massage, sacred confessions around the fire. 

(Meal for dinner before sacred confessions - around 6-7pm)

14th- (Clay mud baths) journey together at first light on kayaks to the secret lagoon where we receive and cover our bodies with the Sacred mud from Mother Earth as well as receiving gulps of the first rising sun- rays. 

Start to remember and embody the animals and elements within, followed by returning back to Bambuddha and nourishing with a healthy meal. 

Beach meditation , Intentions and Evening Té de Madre Ceremonia .  

(2 meals 1st around 10am Second around 3-4pm)

15th- integration circle after light breakfast, body movement, intentions and Day/night ceremony starts at 3pm. 

(1 meal around 9am)

16th- early rising cold plunge and breath work in ocean, aliven the body mind and spirit, closing integration and ways to support the mission moving forward. Departure 

(2 meals, 1st after cold plunge and body activation around 9-10am, second light meal before departure around 2pm) 

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