Become Your Own Private Banker: The Truth About Money and Negotiable Instruments Workshop with Andrew Kaufman


Workshop date and time: Thursday, February 15, 2024 from 11:20 to 12:50 AM
Workshop Length 90 Minutes

In this workshop, you will learn what exactly money is and has become, a negotiable instrument. You will learn how money is created and what really happens when you take out a mortgage, car loan, and use your credit card. You will discover that you’ve been using negotiable instruments for every single transaction in your life without knowing it. This workshop will inspire and empower you to acquire knowledge of banking and prepare to become a private banker, managing your own trust account (cesta que vi) through the use of instruments. The following topics will be covered: history and current state of money in the USA, federal reserve act, emergency banking act of 1933, Uniform Commercial Code articles 3 and 4, types of negotiable instruments, negotiation, indorsement, presentment, honor and dishonor, signature, holder in due course, acceptance, and fiduciary duty.

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