Becoming Free of Internal and External Parasites with Eileen McKusick


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2 hours

Being conscious of your Biofield and minding your electric health is powerfully effective way to dispel the many types of parasites that can affect our lives. Parasites, both inside and outside of our bodies, work to keep us out of power.  Join Eileen for this workshop where you will learn how to remove and guard against internal, external, and hierarchical parasites. To do this we need to be in integrity inside and out, and sound is an effective tool to maintain this balance. Learn about electric heath and the many ways that you can take your own electric healthcare into your own hands. Topics will include:

  • Deep integrity through sound
  • Promoting inner alignment through the Sonic Anatomy and word power
  • Liberating your inner authority through sound
  • The connections between sovereignty and sound
  • Using tuning forks on yourself: Meet the Sonic Slider
  • The central role of fear: How the jiggle of fear makes the biofield vulnerable to parasites
  • The importance of being a freedom lover, not a fighter: How anger weakens the biofield
  • Identify and disempower “loosh”, the parasites that feed on turbulent emotional energy
  • Eileen will lead a group tuning to clear parasites
  • The connections between sovereignty and sound
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