Becoming water with Amapola Nava


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Before we are born we live in the water. In our mothers womb we feel the world throw the vital liquid that maintains us warm and safe. There the external world is attenuated and our bodies can focus on self growth. In this session we will try to reach that same state. Through breathing, movement on the water and breath hold, we will start to abstract ourselves from external stimuli and try to listen to our inner self. We will spend some time in the water looking at our thoughts and feelings without judging.

We will learn:
One breathing relaxation technique
One water relaxation technique
Mental strategies for relaxation in apnea or freediving, we can apply this strategies in every aspect of our lives.

Yoga mat or towel for lying down, swimming suit.

The teacher: Amapola Nava loves to be under the water. She is a freediving instructor and has been freediving for 12 years. She is Mexican Record Holder on static (6 min 05 sec) and dynamic apnea (633 ft). She has been in three World Championships and four Pan American Championship. She also has a strong passion for teaching.

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