Belief Busting: The Jedi Rebar Bend Workshop with Pyasa Neko Siff


NOTICE! If you purchase this workshop you need to have either a General Admission or VIP ticket in order to access it. If you purchase one of these workshops without already having a General Admission or VIP ticket you will forfeit your access to this workshop and the money you may have paid for it.

If you joined me for last year’s telekinesis workshop - or if you missed out and saw everyone showing off their bent spoons – you won’t want to miss this year’s workshop as I take BREAKING THROUGH LIMITING BELIEFS to a whole new level!

Rebar, (reinforced steel bars), are used to hold up concrete buildings and are close to impossible to bend with the hands. You might think being capable of bending rebar with your throat sounds absurd BUT, it’s not and … it’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do!

It's not about strength; it’s about concentration, focus, trust, communication, and working together for a common goal.

Words can’t do justice to describe how powerful this activity is.                   I’ve done it many myself and have guided countless others in the process.

Did I mention it’s fun? It is.

It’s also about stepping outside your comfort zone to face your fears to gain new insights into what you can achieve when you set clear intentions because … You are far more powerful than you’ve been told.

This workshop is a really powerful bonding experience where we get to celebrate each other’s success. You don’t want to miss this!  - Limited space. Sign up now.

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