Bufo and Kambo Retreat Shared Room


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Jan 28th to Feb 1st  2023: Four Nights and Five Days Immersive and All Inclusive Spiritual Retreat


This cheaper retreat ticket means you will be sharing a room with one other person.

“Embodying the Sacred Force” 

         “La Forza Sagrada”

Present Love, Pure Freedom, Ultimate Safety and Undeniable Truth. 

Sacred Medicines : Kambô y Buffo 

Day 1 - Arrival , Introduction Intentions ,Deep group connection exercises to build  trust , Find your Call , Sacred Temazcal 🙂

Day 2 - Kambô cleanse y Baptism by Ocean, openly commit to a life of health and  Love and know where you may still be poisoning self and others , music and dance. 🙂

Day 3 - Buffo Cleanse ( light dose ), Fire of Truth ( shedding shame, blame and guilt from your systems)  y embody the animals y elementals  🙂

Day 4- Buffo Awakening second dose stronger. Remembering your Joy Embody the Medicines and awaken to your innate gifts. Give thanks and offerings, Creative expressions 🙂

Masages optional 

Day 5- Integrate through breath,

sound, movement and touch, sharing circle, reassessed life intentions moving forward and commitment ceremony to hold ourselves accountable. Calm and tranquil 

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