Christmas Special Agoraforko/Nightlife Access Pass


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Looking for a more affordable way to interact with Anarchapulco 2023 in person?

This special ticket gets you access to theĀ  Apocalypso theme Launch Party on Sunday, February 5, 2023. Start the week off with a blast and put the Calypso colour back into the Apocalyptic darkness! You really do not want to miss this party!

The ticket includes drinks and food, surprises,Circus performers, great DJ sets, live visuals and super entertainment.
You are encouraged to dress up in your best version of Mad Max meets the Tropics - prizes will be awarded for the best efforts! Think black leathers meet bright feathers! Camo survival gear with pink tutus or flowers!
(Some contrast photos below - apocalyptic versus tropical vibe...)

This is the ticket for you! Here's what it includes:

  1. Access to Anarchapulco Nightlife from Monday-Friday Feb 6-10th, 2023, includes access to the special Sunday Night Launch Party, a free $150 USD bonus.
  2. Access to the whole week of Agoraforko, an evolution of the fork of Anarchapulco called Anarchaforko from 2018-2019. The dates for Agoraforko 2023 are February 11-18, 2023.
  3. Access to add to and edit the Agoraforko calendar, that means you can add your own events, workshops, speeches, excursions and more to the calendar and have it display for all Anarchapulco attendees! You can even include ticket prices for these events if needed, which will be added to the Anarchapulco website for purchase.
  4. Virtual Access to Anarchapulco 2023 as well as lifetime replay access!
  5. Exclusive Anarchapulco NFT

Every year Anarchapulco has a media presences. Bloggers, youtubers, local and mainstream media. Buying a ticket signifies your consent to possibly appear in b-roll footage. All media must get consent to interview you or share your personal information.

Does not include:

  1. Access to main stage event February 6-10, 2023. For that you either need a VIP ticket or General Admission ticket.
  2. Place to stay
  3. Transportation to Acapulco
  4. 5 days of food provided with the VIP ticket, for that follow this link.
  5. Open bar

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