Compassionate Communication for New Earth with Becca Tzigany


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All of us were born into a Dominator Culture and were programmed by a trauma-based mind-control system.   As we heal and peel away the layers that taught us to control, judge, compete with, and manipulate others, we may find that we don't have the tools necessary for loving relationship nor successful community  organizing.  Functional communication is crucial for attaining the unity we need in our activism ~ now more than ever as the old Dominator Culture falls apart, and we show up to build the New Earth.  How do we want it to be?

In this experiential workshop, we will be practicing   listening,   EQ (emotional intelligence),  relational reality, and the principles of NonViolent Communication (Compassionate Communication).

Becca Tzigany has decades of experience as an author, Tantra educator, couples counselor, environmentalist, and human rights activist.  Her Tantric art project can be seen at venusandherlover.com

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