Earthship Skills Training: Intro To Off Grid Water And Energy with Chad Schwartz


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An introduction to the world of off grid living in regards to basic utilities.  A mixture of knowledge and hands-on experience with off grid water, solar electricity, waste management, passive food production, and more! This is ONLY an introduction and basic training with these concepts.  We will not go in depth this first time.

Workshop will include..

    • Introduction to off grid solar electricity


    • Simple electrical knowledge; how to wire a water pump to solar equipment (for beginners)


    • Introduction to reverse osmosis water filtration


    • How to keep household water flowing without the grid


    • Basic off-grid sewage and waste treatment


    • Education about greywater planters and water efficiency in homes.

Chad managed Anarchapulco's construction of an Earthship in Acapulco (a fully off-grid and functional home). Chad is a practicing apprentice with Earthship Biotecure.  He has been an educator and professional Un-schooler for over a decade.   Chad's work has appeared in several media.  Including...

Vice News

Ernie Hancock's Declare Your Independence

And many more!

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