From Bug Eatin' Slave to Master Gardener in 30 Minutes Or Less Workshop with James Fry


Eat bugs! Eat our "meat"! And like it. Or else...

Nahhh thanks, we good.
Growing food is just too easy for me.


That's right.

Growing an abundance of nutrient-dense food is actually... embarrassingly simple.

You just need a handful of seeds and some basic know-how.

Join Garden Alchemist James Fry for a crash course in Self-Reliant Gardening.

During this fun and extremely plant-nerdy workshop, you'll discover how any human with access to a patch of dirt can grow in abundance.
You don't need huge amounts of land.
No straw hat or overalls required, either.

For real. Your ancestors did this stuff and were drunk 80% of the time. You can definitely do this.

Together we'll shatter the "food is scarce" paradigm.

Together we'll discover how easy it is to grow nutrient-dense foods in great abundance, for you, for your family, and for many generations to come.

Leave this workshop armed with the knowledge and inspiration to take back control of your food.

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