How to Brand & Build an Independent Media Platform Workshop with Patrick Henningsen


Date and Time of Workshop: Friday February 16, 2024 from 11:30-12:45


This workshop is for anyone who is thinking about creating their own independent media platform, or simply improving or scaling-up your current operation. This seminar will identify and prioritize a number of crucial steps towards sustainable success in what has become an increasingly competitive media space.

- How to create and develop a successful media brand
- Genesis: choosing a winning name and picking the right URL
- Your mission, your motivation: why truth and integrity matter
- Be there when history is happening
- Marketing your content & seeking out content partners
- Achieving high impact on minimal budgets
- Archive for life: exit strategy or handover? 
- Surviving and THRIVING in a cancel culture and heavy censorship environment


Presentation will be followed by a brief interactive Q & A session.


Workshop facilitator Patrick Henningsen is an international journalist and broadcaster, and founder the news & analysis website 21st Century Wire, and a host at TNT Radio Live. Over the past 15 years, he has helped to build and develop a number of successful independent media platforms which have gone on to make a major impact in the global information space. His work has also been featured on a number of international media outlets including RT International, Al Jazeera, and Press TV, and is a senior features writer for print publication New Dawn Magazine.

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