Investing in NFTs Crash Course Workshop with Delta Blue


Date and Time of Workshop: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 9:30-11:10 am

Major growth industry or blockchain bubble?

Delta Blue of Volition Labs lays out the case why you should pay attention to the emergent technology of NFTs taking you on a deep dive into the world of Web 3 while providing all the practical information you need to take advantage of its financial potential.

Far more than just digital artworks, NFTs are unique assets rapidly transforming a wide range of industries from real estate and law to health, gaming, leisure and travel.

You will learn about the purpose of NFTs, how they function within the blockchain and Web 3 ecosystem and how they are revolutionizing the online world.

Find out how you can invest wisely in NFT technology, understand the difference between centralised and decentralised blockchains, avoid common pitfalls, make educated decisions and grow your wealth!

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