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Food Sovereignty & Orphanage Independence with Brent Kaufman


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By Brent Kaufman, Danny Sessom, and Laura Rastovac

Attendees can expect:

- To learn about our project to feed the local orphanage
- To learn how to plan a functional diverse garden to achieve independence
- Learn about various cost-efficient, easy-to-maintain hydroponic systems
- Learn to grow 100 heads of lettuce in 1 square meter
- Learn how to build your own vertical hydroponic tower garden, complete w/ blueprints
- Learn about Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic floating system - Demonstration of Deep Water Culture floating pond
- Learn how to maintain various hydroponic systems
- Selecting perfect crops
- Finding local garden resources
- Entrepreneurial farming
- Farming philanthropy

Learn about the Marsh Children’s Home Food Independence Program.
We are building a farm to support the sovereignty of a local orphanage here in Acapulco!

The workshop fee is a donation to the Marsh Children’s Home Food Independence Program

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