Own Your Body Language Workshop with Agnieszka Evenson


Date and Time of Workshop: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 from 10am -11 am


Your body language determines how others see you. Learn how to unravel the hidden meaning behind your (and others’) habitual body patterns.


In this workshop we will dive deep into the root causes of your habitual muscle, posture and thought patterns. Learning the meaning behind your own habitual patters will show you the way to harness your own power. When you were a child your light shone brightly and you shared your true essence with ease.

We will examine each participant's habitual patterns and blockages and shine a light on how to overcome them. Often just the knowledge of what others see and how they subconsciously read your habitual patters is enough to catalyze a shift.


Workshop Date and time: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 from 10-11 AM

Agnieszka Evenson is a Master Psychosomatic Therapist who worked directly with the Founder of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller. She has been working to develop a deep understanding of human nature over the last 40+ years. When she looks at a person she sees deep patterns in a small wrinkle... those same patterns we all subconsciously use to judge others.


Your habitual patterns are written all over your body. It's time to be truly seen.

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