Ron Paul Formal Dinner Single Access


Monday Feb 6 7-11pm

Join us for a barefoot and elegant dinner on the beach (you can wear shoes but don't wear heels, this event is held on grass) - be the first ever to see the Secret Garden's new beach club location in Barre Viaja. We will enjoy a family style meal, enjoy beautiful music, hear an exclusive talk from Dr. Ron Paul, and get a hilarious comedy bit from last year's crowd favorite, Austin-based comedian, Nancy Reed. Dress code, beach formal. Come prepared to laugh until you cry. Our shuttle will drive you directly from the Secret Garden, and you can bring your clothes to change into on site if you prefer. We will have around 25 speakers in attendance, and you can expect one or more to be sitting at your table! 

This is access for one person to attend the Ron Paul ball!

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