Support Local Orphanage: Marsh Children's Home Tour


NOTICE! If you purchase this workshop you need to have either a General Admission or VIP ticket in order to access it. If you purchase one of these workshops without already having a General Admission or VIP ticket you will forfeit your access to this workshop and the money you may have paid for it.

This is your chance to support the local orphanage, the Marsh Children's Home!
Take a tour of the famous home Anarchapulco has been sponsoring for years.
We are offering a shuttle everyday at 11am.
Thursday evening at 7:30pm we are offering a shuttle as well.

Learn how 70 indigenous children are living in the orphanage right down the street from Anarchapulco and Learn about the Marsh Children's Home Food Independence program by Brent Kaufman and Danny Sessom, sponsored by Anarchapulco

Limited Capacity

Tickets Include:
-  Tour of the Marsh Children's Home
-  Tour of the Marsh Children's Home Food Independence Project
-  1 shuttle ride to/from the Children's Home (walking distance from the main event)

Shuttle info:
Tuesday through Friday
Daily shuttle departure @ 11:00am
Thursday evening 7:30pm

Leaving from Anarchapulco shuttle area

You can choose to take the shuttle or meet us at the Marsh Children's Home.
The Marsh Children's Home is a safe 10-minute walk from the main event.
While it's first come first serve, once you have your ticket you will have the opportunity to join a tour time of your choice.

The first shuttle being offered is Tuesday, February 7th
picking up from the shuttle area at Anarchapulco

This tour is donation based, so while the ticket to go is free attendees are encouraged to make donations as they see fit during the tour itself.

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