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Everybody has some sort of talent and at Anarchapulco we want to encourage you to share it with the community! Can your children sing? Can your children dance? Recite poetry? This is an open invitation for children to perform on the Family Camp stage for Anarchapulco attendees, for 1-3 minutes. We know it can be nerve racking and sometimes little ones need extra encouragement so parents can help out and family acts are welcome too! We want to encourage our attendees, especially young people, to gain experience in giving public performances because this gives them confidence, self-esteem, and courage in real life, which leads to healthier relationships and fulfilling lives. This will help them to grow into powerful adults and potentially become a stepping stone in their professional journeys to fulfilling their dreams in the arts, whether they love music, poetry, singing, theatre, dance, oratory, comedy, or something else. Ideally, each performance will have a theme aligned towards our Anarchapulco 2020 theme, “EVOLve”, but this is not a requirement. The only requirement is to have fun and try your best! 😀 The most important reason for having the Talent Show is help young people practice their talents in a safe and welcoming environment. We welcome everyone else to come cheer on the kids as they share with us their incredible talents! What do you need to bring? -a practiced routine between 1-3 minutes -a phone/mp3 player that has your music on it -if your phone has an standard audio jack, then you don’t need any special cords, but if you have phone that doesn’t have a standard audio jack, we ask you to bring the special cord or converter that may be necessary to play your music successfully -communicate with stage manager if you have reasonable requests 😊 -the microphone speakers will be provided, so you do not need to bring these What do I do now? Ask your child if s/he wants to have fun performing in front of a loving and supportive audience.

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