Tension and Trauma Release Class with Pyasa Neko Siff


NOTICE! If you purchase this workshop you need to have either a General Admission or VIP ticket in order to access it. If you purchase one of these workshops without already having a General Admission or VIP ticket you will forfeit your access to this workshop and the money you may have paid for it.

Join Pyasa for a free 1 hour class in an intimate setting. Trauma and Tension Release Exercises are simple series of exercises which activate our innate reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating (tremoring). The benefits of accessing this innate tremor response includes releasing aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, & trauma and cultivating more energy, flow states, clarity, resilience, balance, faster recovery rates, pleasure, and peace in your life.

No experience needed! Come dressed comfortably and get ready to RELAX.

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