The Angelic Breath Workshop with Samantha Pilbeam


Date and Time of Workshop: Wednesday, February 14 from 9:30-12 AM

Workshop Length 150 minutes

🌟 Embrace your Divine Healing Journey at Our Exclusive Workshop! 🌟

Are you attending the upcoming conference and looking for an experience that transcends the ordinary? Dive into a transformative session that blends Rebirthing Breathwork with Angelic Reiki healing practices. Choose our unique offering: "The Angelic Breath - The Ultimate Rebirthing Breathwork & Angelic Reiki Healing Experience."

⭐️Why Angelic Breath?⭐️

Angelic Breath is not just a session; it's a journey to your inner self. This extraordinary workshop combines the powerful techniques of Rebirthing Breathwork with the gentle, healing energies of Angelic Reiki. This fusion creates a profound experience of divine healing and realignment, opening doors to deeper self-awareness and spiritual growth.

👼 Experience Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki transcends traditional healing methods. It allows you to connect with the angelic realm and can facilitate deep emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. This gentle yet powerful form of Reiki balances your energy, bringing a sense of peace and well-being.

⭐️Discover Rebirthing Breathwork⭐️

Rebirthing Breathwork is a transformative breathing technique that releases stress, enhances vitality, and can lead to profound self-discovery. This practice helps in releasing emotional blockages, leading to a feeling of renewal and empowerment.

Meet Your Facilitator: Sam Pilbeam

Guiding you on this journey is Sam Pilbeam, a seasoned practitioner with over a decade of hands-on training and experience in both group settings and one-on-one sessions. Sam's expertise and compassionate approach make this workshop not just an event, but a life-changing experience.

Why Choose Us at the Conference?

Unique Combination: A rare blend of Rebirthing Breathwork and Angelic Reiki.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Sam's extensive experience and nurturing approach.

Deep Healing: Address emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects for holistic well-being.

Suitable for both beginners and for those with breathwork experience.

✨ Join Us for a Transformative Experience

Spaces are limited, so ensure you reserve your spot early. This workshop is more than just a break from the conference hustle; it's an opportunity to reset, recharge, and realign.

This is a lying down session. Please BYO towel.
(Contra-indications - psychiatric conditions, previous heart attack, stroke, angina, high BP, asthma, recent surgery, pregnancy).

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