The Archetypes of Controlled Op Workshop with Beth Martens


Workshop time and date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 at 11:50- 12:50 PM

Workshop length: 60 minutes

In a world at war that has the internet to spread and disseminate lies, the characters of controlled opposition are more insidiously effective than ever in history. People in the truth and freedom spaces are no strangers to controlled op by now, but it is badly understood, resulting in conflict, fighting, confusion, and division, which are exactly what controlled ops aim to create.

As a pattern hunter, I've discovered there are discreet archetypes within the “controlled op” umbrella that will help people recognize the patterns for themselves.

That way they can discriminate better who they source their information from and what they share out. And it will help them see how our programmed need for an outside Hero can result in the death of the real Hero and the Journey we are meant to take ourselves.

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