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The King's Calling: Your Next Leg on the Hero's Journey Workshop with Beth Martens


Workshop time and date: Friday, February 16th, 2024 at 10:10- 11:25 AM

Workshop length: 75 minutes

Leadership is a tall order that many will avoid, but you haven't. And while it may look from the outside that signs of success are signs of true purpose, it’s not necessarily the case. Why? Because you are committed to learning, healing, and growing.

You may be the unlikely King Hero who never wanted the position you hold. And you may have set your sights on what you have now, at whatever scale. But either you got disillusioned by that, or you’ve grown and changed and want your life and work to match with what you see is possible now.

Despite accomplishments and success, if you’re hearing the call to go deeper and explore what the next-level, on-purpose chapter could be, join this workshop on the King Hero archetype with eight simple steps to find greater purpose and meaning inside of yourself rather than being driven by what you’ve already created.

It’s no little thing for Kings to pivot, but if the call won’t leave you alone this workshop will be a time saver on the next leg of your Hero’s Journey.

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