Pyasa Neko Siff | Anarchapulco & Anarchovid | Transcending Trauma with pleasure

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“Pyasa is dedicated to lifting the veil on the insidious conditioning which has kept humanity limited and depressed due to its detrimental impact upon authentic self-expression in relationships and sexuality. Her work supports individuals to discover the ‘felt-sense of safety IN the body’ essential for experiencing genuine pleasure and living an empowered life.

With her unique background in healing, Pyasa weaves embodied learning skills, energy healing, ritual, inquiry, and mindfulness into a platform where participants deprogram holistically, release unconscious patterns, and rewire neural pathways for sexual freedom. She acknowledges personal sovereignty as a prerequisite toward the creation of the liberated world many of us long to live in.

Pyasa is a professional ‘unleasher’ aka Sovereignty Mentor; She is trained as a trauma-informed somatic sexologist and sexological bodyworker, is author of The Intimacy Adventure Playbook, an avid lover of nature, and has been initiated into the Andean Mystical Traditions as a 4th level healer by the Q’eros people of Peru. She mentors people 1:1 online, facilitates in-person group retreats, and hosts personalized ‘Activation Vacations’ in Costa Rica for women and couples who are ready to unleash their lives and take their sexuality to the next level. This is her 2nd year as a speaker on the main stage of Anarchapulco.

‘Letting go of that which no longer serves you creates space for the new to enter… this is a shamanic process which liberates your life-force energy and frees you to live the life YOU desire.’

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