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Soul-Bonding 101 Introduction to character structure: FEB 19th $150

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By Bob Podolsky

In most of the world today, early childhood is perilous. Children are traumatized by well-meaning parents in 5 distinctive ways that result in severe emotional impairment that is so common that it is usually
unrecognized, especially by its victims. The effects of such impairment include:

• Chronic anxiety,
• Depression.
• Alienation.
• Loneliness.
• Poverty,
• Failed relationships,
• Sociopathy, and
• A host of maladaptive personality traits that prevent people from fulfilling their true potential as creative beings.

The long-term solution to this challenge is “Peaceful Parenting” and “Radical Unschooling” as taught by Dayna Martin. About Soul-Bonding she says - “Soul Bonding is a revolutionary journey of insight into the
results of early trauma and abuse and how to find our way out, again.... Soul Bonding takes an authentic route, straight to the heart of self-awareness.... I truly believe that Soul Bonding will play a monumental role in our individual evolution and the raising of human consciousness, as a whole.”

• Soul-Bonding 101 – Introduction to character structure – the basis of emotional impairment | the five entropic double binds | how to recognize them | how they can be resolved. Six methods of releasing oneself from the tyrannies of early childhood trauma. Explanations and demonstrations. Day 1/ 6 Hours / USD $150 / No Prerequisites

• Soul-Bonding 102 – Your Subconscious Is Your Best Friend – tools and techniques to form a close working partnership between your conscious and subconscious minds | mind-body-energy linkages | how (and why) to stop lying to yourself and discover the real you. Explanations and demonstrations. Day 2 / 6 Hours / USD $75 / Prerequisite: SB-101

• Soul-Bonding -103 – Re-booting Your Arrested Personal Growth – Advanced methods | using “mysticism” | establishing new intentions | the “magic” of inner congruence | committing to the path | undreamed of freedoms | Explanations and Demonstrations. Life will never be the same. Day 3 / 6 Hours / USD $50 / Prerequisites: SB-101 and SB-102

Soul-Bonding is a life-changing educational protocol that synchronizes and aligns the intentions, goals, choices, and decisions of the conscious and
subconscious minds. Used vigorously, it can confer the following benefits:

• Expanded opportunities for financial rewards,
• A well-earned reputation for being trustworthy and accountable in all settings – personal and commercial,
• Mastery of what might be called “verbal kung-fu” - the awareness most useful during interpersonal conflict and confrontation,
• A profound sense of purpose and meaning in your life,
• Dramatically enhanced creativity, as applied to all your activities,
• The experience of vastly more satisfying relationships,
• A capacity for honesty and intimacy currently unimaginable to most people,
• Restoration of access to most, if not all, of your early memories,
• Amplified freedom to experience and express all of your emotions,
• A knack for staying healthy and outliving adversity, and
• A certain wisdom concerning your “place in the universe.”

Depending on your time constraints and motivation, this workshop can be taken as a 1-Day, a 2-Day, or a 3-Day experience.