Anarchapulco is coming to EUROPE!

Are You Seeking Connection with Like Minded Free Thinkers?

What's to come?

Do you stay up at night worrying about how to protect your family and community when the next crisis hits?

Time for Change

Or are you just bored of this same old Globalist playbook and want some expansive and awake conversations for a change?

Find Your Tribe

Imagine having an iron-clad understanding of liberty so you can build resilience, self-reliance, and prosperity while aligning with friends who share your values…


Liberpulco Main Event 5th - 7th September Come Early for the Decentralized Liberforko Pre-Event 2nd - 4th September
Stay Late Liberland Tour 8th September - details Coming Soon

Join us for this three day event jam packed with information, options and ideas of how to Thrive and not just Survive! And, as an added bonus, you will have a bunch of new mates to enjoy the ride with!

The program will be curated by the Anarchapulco team as a short form model of the main Acapulco event with three days of high quality presentations by world leading truth speakers in various sectors including health, independent media, anarcho capitalism, natural law and private trading. Held in the beautiful artistic and natural surroundings of Liberland ARK Village (2.5 hours from Belgrade, Serbia), this is the perfect setting for mind expansion and creation of your new world view! ​

Four Ways to Get Involved

General Admission

$ 330 USD
  • Access to the Entire Event Including Liberforko
  • Virtual Plus Lifetime Replay Access
  • Unforgettable chance to connect with like minds

Community Support Team

$ 100 USD
  • Reduced Ticket Price for Help During the Event
  • Only 9 hours time in exchange
  • Access to whole event including virtual lifetime replay access.


$ 1000 USD
  • Access to the Entire Event Including Liberforko
  • Food and Limited Open Bar Included
  • Shuttle Transportation Included

Virtual Plus Lifetime Replay

$ 120 USD
  • Don't Miss Anything! Live Virtual Access During the Event
  • Lifetime On Demand Replay
  • Tune in from the comfort of your own home

Don't miss this chance - register now and take control of your destiny!

At Liberpulco, you'll discover exactly how to:

Free Yourself

Free yourself from reliance on coercive systems by building independence and self-sufficiency

Be Location Independant

Keep your international options open through becoming a crypto nomad

Take control of your health

Learn how to not be duped by the next plandemic and how to be your own medic, and much more...

This is your chance to take control.

Because clinging to dying models of centralized power is destined to fail.
Liberpulco is your lifeline to surviving and thriving as freedom erodes worldwide. Don't wait until it's too late - secure your access today and take action now!

Liberpulco Main Event 5th - 7th September Come Early for the Decentralized Liberforko Pre-Event 2nd - 4th September
Stay Late Liberland Tour 8th September - details Coming Soon

Confirmed Speakers

Dawn Lester

What Really Makes You Ill

Persefoni Aishwarya

Wellness Oasis Retreats

Jeff Berwick

The Dollar Vigilante

Alec Zeck

The Way Forward

Lisa Strbac

The Homeopath in Your Hand

Max Igan

The Crowhouse

Dr Tess Lawrie

World Council for Health

Pavol Luptak


Confirmed Nightlife

A Letter from President Vít Jedlička:

Welcome to the Liberpulco!

I’m excited to welcome you as we join forces with our friends from Anarchapulco to celebrate freedom here in Liberland, the world’s freest country.

Over the past nine and a half years, we’ve turned our vision of a modern libertarian nation into reality—a place to visit, enjoy the sun and connect with friends. Our mission to make Liberland a home where you can truly live began last year on August 6, 2023, and now it’s time to celebrate our progress.

Liberpulco is a festival showcasing our commitment to liberty, bringing together people from around the globe to explore ideas of governance and freedom.

Inspired by Anarchapulco and co-organized together with Jeff and the team, Liberpulco celebrates resilience, innovation, and the spirit of voluntaryism. Despite the challenges, our communities have persevered and grown stronger together. Our visions belong with each other and Liberland seeks to become the one place where the ideas behind Anarchapulco are truly realized. It is our vision that the children of Liberland will one day ask “why do we even need events like Anarchapulco?” After all, freedom is lived experience in this beautiful country!

This September, join us on the beautiful banks of the Danube for an exciting mix of speakers, workshops, and cultural experiences. Thank you for being part of this historic event. Let’s make the first Liberpulco an unforgettable celebration! ​
Vít Jedlička

What is Liberland?

The Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state that is located on the banks of the Danube River, known as Gornja Siga. This is pristine land full of greenery and wildlife, offering adventurous individuals an opportunity to truly live off the land and have a proper homesteading experience.

Liberland is a constitutional republic, built on classical liberal ideals, with elements of direct democracy that allows direct engagement of citizens. The founder and head of state is President Vít Jedlička and the state has a vice president and 4 ministers. The official language is English and the national currency is the Liberland merit.

Liberland’s motto: To Live and Let Live

See you in Serbia!

Liberpulco Main Event 5th - 7th September Come Early for the Decentralized Liberforko Pre-Event 2nd - 4th September
Stay Late Liberland Tour 8th September - details Coming Soon

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