Tension and Trauma Release Class with Pyasa

The old German saying ‘hol di stief’ – literally meaning – ‘hold your self stiff’ reflects the mass CULTure’s dysfunctional  relationship with our natural expression. This presents in many unheathly ways but, today I wanted to speak about what happens when we have a frightening experience because- it’s not actually the experience which creates trauma and ptsd – it's we handle it. We have been designed perfectly in order to return to homeostasis.

All mammals, including humans, have a built in instinctive shaking mechanism to prevent traumatic experiences from getting stuck in the nervous system but most of us have been taught to ‘hol di stief’. We’ve been taught to calm down our own or someone else’s shaking hands when in fact, shaking is exactly the medicine we need.

Here's an interesting true story which exemplifies what I am sharing … two boys were stuck in a collapsed tunnel. One boy sat down and did nothing whilst the other boy set about trying to dig his way out of the tunnel. When they were finally rescued the boy who did nothing had ptsd, the other boy who jumped into action to set them free was absolutely fine. Why? Because he used up the stress chemicals his body so intelligently released.

This innate self-healing somatic movement, when allowed to cycle through, releases stress hormones from the body and bring us back to calm. It literally prevents a so-called ‘traumatic experience’ from becoming a trauma. When the stress chemicals are not released – they eventually make us sick. This shaking mechanism has evolved naturally over millions of years to regulate our nervous system and optimize our health and well-being. Shaking is a way to cleanse our minds and bodies and can help unravel the root causes of many physical, energetic, emotional, and mental ailments. It’s a way to detox stress and find a deeper sense of relaxation which can be difficult to find in this high-stress-fast-paced world.

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