The NonConformist Summit Starts in One Week

Let’s get real: the mainstream model of living needs to be redesigned:

  • Hungry? We’ve got a bunch of sugar, carbs and packaged foods for you!
  • Feeling disconnected? The social media scroll cycle should help that out!
  • Your kids never listen to you? Better give them some more orders based on your unconscious programming!
  • Just want to be left alone to go about your daily life? Have a cup full of fear, hopelessness and governmental control to help you stay between the guidelines!

Not accepting it? Neither are we. 

That’s why we’re hosting the Nonconformist Series: Freedom Begins at Home, a three-day online sovereign living event full of amazing speakers with advice on how to TRULY become, and stay, free and fulfilled. 

Topics include unschooling, permaculture, creating resilient communities and building healthy natural homes.The summit starts in ONE WEEK, taking place from Aug 11th to Aug 13th. Click here for your FREE ticket, and empower yourself to reclaim your sovereignty!

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