Thinking about bringing the family to Acapulco?

Looking for something reliable and fun your children can enjoy while you are learning from our mainstage speakers?
Our exclusive Kids Camp is designed just for you!
Pre-register for Kids Camp Anarchapulco to enroll in a full week ofsupervised afternoon activities, unique workshops, and even have the opportunity to liberate baby turtles!
Now is your chance to pre-register for Kids Camp Anarchapulco 2023!
We are gearing up to welcome your campers to a full schedule of super fun afternoons filled with educational activities.
Limited Capacity

Dates - February 6-10
Time - 2pm - 7pm (During Mainstage Speakers)


  1. One (1) camper enrollment for Kids Camp Anarchapulco
  2. Experienced Adult Team Supervision
  3. Shuttle Ride To/From Campemento Tortuguero (located walking-distance from the main event)
  4. Leadership Workshops from Professional Instructors
  5. Learn turtle conservation, composting, solar power, kids surfing/boogie boarding, growing food, fun yoga, local arts & crafts, & more!
  6. Materials for participation
  7. Hands-on sea-turtle education
  8. Baby turtle liberations
  9. Supervised beach playtime
  10. Snacks
Counselors are experienced with childcare, community leadership, and education.
Kids Camp Anarchapulco believes in safety first
Campers may only swim with a signed and approved parental consent form

Professional lifeguard on site for kids surf/boogie classes
Allergy Mindfulness

Meeting Place for drop off and pick up: Kids Area @ Main Event Anarchapulco Jardin Secreto, Playa Bonfil, Acapulco, Mexico.

Learn About Your Kids Camp Anarchapulco 2023 Camp Counselors:

Brent Kaufman - Head Counselor
Producer of Kids Camp Anarchapulco, speaker at Anarchovid Harvest,  founder of the Food Independence Program and volunteer English teacher for the Marsh Children's Home in Acapulco.  In 2014, he established GuerillaHealer, a US-based charity helping low-income, high-risk patients with life-threatening ailments to optimize diet, healthcare, and lifestyle.  A professional music artist and great with children, Brent is excited to host your campers and offer this unique opportunity for the whole family to enjoy Anarchapulco!  

Laura Gasule - Camp Counselor
Educated as a primary school teacher, Laura has been working with kids all her adult life. Started as a Waldorf teacher in Latvia, with the last 14 years working as a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher in Norway. Influenced by recent years' events in the world and her family, she has a developing interest in homeschooling and unschooling her 2 children.

Annia Barraza - Counselor of the ArtsVisual artist, originally from Acapulco. Currently a professional muralist, illustrator, and painter on canvas, she was encouraged by space design training to follow her dreams as a self-taught artist. Last year, Annia painted live at Anarchapulco, and her piece sold for $14,000.00 in the charity auction for the Marsh Children's Home in Acapulco.  Her vision as an artist is to explore the imaginary world and the creativity that we carry in each of us.  

Chad Schwartz - Counselor of Earthship/Solar Technology
Chad is a practicing apprentice in off-grid autonomy, focusing on stateless utilities, and will share valuable experience building a solar-powered Earthship for Anarchapulco. He also has years of experience teaching children English in various countries, including English and solar classes at the Marsh Children's Home in Acapulco.

Yareni Ramirez - Counselor in Yoga + Waste & Land Management
Certified Yoga instructor, surfer, environmental activist, and Ph.D. student in Environmental Sciences.  Practicing and teaching Hatha yoga for 15 years, Yari has taught in primary schools, nurseries, sports clubs, and continues to teach private classes.  In addition, she is developing a special project for the management of garbage and wastewater in rural areas of Mexico and teaches workshops on caring for the environment.  

Carolina Ramos - Counselor of Surfing/Boogie
Local surf champion turned instructor, Carolina is the organizer of the 1st women's surf tournament in the state of Guerrero. She loves the ocean, animals, and the purity/power of nature and believes if we all surfed, we would be happier. "I not only teach technique but also shape their minds and connect with their hearts."

Monica Vallarino - Counselor, Executive Director, Campamento Tortuguero

Michel Montero Vallarino - Counselor, Administrator, Campamento Tortuguero

Lifeguards - Safety first! Professional lifeguards will be on site for all surf/boogie lessons. Basic child-centered lessons.

About the venue:
Campamento Tortuguero Playa Hermosa Amigos del Mar Acapulco.
Located in Bonfil, across the street from the main event, Campamento Tortuguero in Bonfil is a highly-respected, family-friendly Sea Turtle sanctuary made up of family and friends supporting the environment for more than 34 years.  Operated by 3 generations of amazing women with the mission to protect, preserve, and raise awareness about the danger of extinction, they dedicate their lives to conservation work, educating visitors and schools, and protecting the various species of sea turtles that visit the coast of Acapulco to reproduce.  Campers will enjoy the Turtle Sanctuary's fully shaded beachfront area with plenty of space, tables and chairs.

Sea turtles have been threatened by different predators, especially humans. Those who have used turtle eggs for consumption have put sea turtles in danger of extinction.  At the Tortuguero Playa Hermosa Amigos de Mar Camp, we teach all about how we collect, protect, and later release baby turtles into the sea. In addition to the nesting area, Campamento Tortuguero has rabbits, ducks, freshwater turtles, parakeets, chickens, and guinea pigs.  Please consider visiting the camp yourself and making a donation to Campamento Tortuguero if you feel called to directly support their efforts!

Meeting Place for drop off and pick up: Kids Area @ Main Event Anarchapulco Jardin Secreto, Playa Bonfil, Acapulco, Mexico.

Kids Camp Anarchapulco believes in providing a safe space for everyone involved. It is our goal to maintain a positive atmosphere, impress parents, and ultimately for the campers to enjoy themselves.
Thank you for supporting our initiative to make Anarchapulco more exciting for the whole family!

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