Three Ways to Treat Yourself

Anarchapulco isn’t just a time to commune with thought leaders and attend the best parties on earth - it’s also a time to heal.

This year, we’re offering three Anarchawakening retreats, all leading up to the main conference: Bufo, mushrooms, and Ayahuasca. Treat yourself to one, two, or all three:

1) Bufo

They say bufo takes you to heaven and back. This heart-centered medicine combines two types of DMT, 5-meo and bufotenin, for a mind-blowing and heart-centered experience that’s like nothing else in this reality.

If you haven’t tried bufo, make this the season. It’ll blast open and balance every chakra, leaving you prepared for the days to come.

This is a one day, single night offering at the beautiful Bambuddha. It includes integration, a fire circle on the beach, and integration. Private and shared room options available. Get your tickets here. Choose between dates January 31, 2023 and February 1st, 2023.

2) Mushrooms

Nothing opens and nourishes the soul quite like mushrooms. This beautiful, gentle medicine will be your companion in a journey on the beach, where you’ll get the chance to face yourself in a safe, guided environment.

There’s a saying: it’s never a bad time to do mushrooms. Whether the fungus is a familiar friend or a new acquaintance, this February it’s offering you a new adventure.

This is also a single day, overnight offering, which includes meals, intention-setting, and integration. Private and shared room options available. Get your tickets here. Choose between two dates, February 2 and 3rd, 2023

3) Ayahuasca

If you wanna go all in, this retreat is the way to go. Our Ayahuasca retreat is three nights and two ceremonies, allowing you to really go deep with the medicine and fully integrate. Start the year with a full third eye deep dive + deep clean experience.

Includes means, massage, mud baths, cold water plunges, and a lagoon kayak journey. This retreat is not for the faint of heart! Dates February 13-16, 2023

Private and shared room options available.


Still haven’t got your Anarchapulco ticket? It’s getting close! This year we’re offering general admission and VIP options, so there’s really no excuse - get your Anarchapulco ticket and join your people in Acapulco this February!

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