Tina Marie | Anarchapulco & Anarchovid | A Search For Truth: Honoring Brandy Vaughan’s Wishes

Tina Marie, mother of 5, was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, starting a family in her early 20’s, which coincided with her awakening to the lies in the medical industry, surrounding pregnancy, and shortly after, the diagnosis of her grandfather’s cancer. Eventually moving to California where she awakened further to the lies in the industry, regarding VACCINES, in 2008, after the birth of her 4th child. By, 2013 she jumped deeper into online activism to counteract the vaccine lies being spewed in mainstream media, and by 2014, the “Disneyland Measles” propaganda. Following that fear-mongering campaign / hoax, came the “solution”, “SB277” a bill being pushed through congress in California to remove vaccine exemptions for children in the government school system. On this path fighting for medical freedom, and TRUTH, she met Brandy Vaughan, in 2015 an ex-Merck rep / Whistleblower. They quickly aligned, and embarked on this mission together — soul-sisters on a mission! LearnTheRisk.org was born in 2015, which Tina supported from the onset, and volunteered countless hours. On December 7, 2020, Brandy Vaughan was found dead in her home. Tina last saw Brandy and her son, for Thanksgiving, just 9 days before the news of Brandy’s passing. Tina has been doing her upmost best to fulfill her friends wishes for a private investigation, private autopsy, and more….

ANARCHOVID: A Search For Truth: Honoring Brandy Vaughan’s Wishes