Anarchapulco 2022 VIP Dinner Party (Vegan)

Dinner at Zibu’s: A Night to Remember

As part of our famous Anarchapulco nightlife, we’re offering a very special dinner party.


On Tuesday February 15th, we’ll be hosting dinner at Zibu’s, a high-end Thai restaurant. Pull out your best suits and your fanciest dresses: at Zibu’s, we’re dining in style.

Stay tuned for more information about the vegan menu that will be provided. 


Dinner will be accompanied by:

  • A breathtaking views overlooking Acapulco Bay (think ocean, think mountains)

  • Treehouse-style decor, with bamboo and water fountains

  • Dinner with an incredible crowd, including speakers and event organizers

  • The Apocalyptic Game Show: A classic Anarchapulco dating game!


Convinced? Treat yourself to a night out, and buy your ticket to Dinner at Zibu’s.



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