What Would it Take for Freedom to Begin at Home?

What would it take to feel truly sovereign?

To know, in your soul, that you are living your best, most connected life?

Imagine this: You rise with the sun, feeling energized and rejuvenated, pick some fresh herbs from the garden, make a delicious tea, and watch your children play. No devices in sight! Your breath is deep and slow, knowing your environment and state of mind are congruent and that you chose to make it that way.

Welcome to sovereign living.

In a few weeks, Anarchapulco is hosting the second virtual summit in The Non Conformist Series (yep, the same one that premiered with The Vital & Awake Edition in May).

This second summit focuses on the notion that "Freedom Begins at Home." It will run from Aug 11th to Aug 13th.

We’ll be discussing:

  • How to grow your own food using unconventional methods
  • Hempcrete building and other natural building concepts
  • Unschooling, reschooling and somatic learning
  • Living a rich yet nomadic life

    And lots more!

The first 10,000 tickets are FREE. Get your ticket to this virtual summit. Don’t delay—spaces are limited!

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