Who's Speaking at the Nonconformist Series?

The Nonconformist Series: Freedom Begins at Home is coming up: from August 11th to the 13th, we’ll be hosting the top movers, mentors and mavens in the diverse area of sovereign skills building. Our speakers will reveal the pragmatic tools to get you closer to the embodiment of freedom, whether that be in the areas of food forest design, building with hemp or safely raising independent anarchist children! This is a FREE virtual (online) summit with a difference! 

We’ll be hearing from a variety of speakers, from a range of backgrounds. Here are a few:

Sophie Fletcher: Gaining Greater Somatic Self Awareness utilizing Nervous System Practices and Human Design

Sophie spent most of her life wanting to "transcend the body" and employed various spiritual principles to help in this endeavor.  However, after earning her first master's degree in Spiritual Psychology she realized that the body actually held the key to true healing. In her talk, Sophie gives the audience multiple pragmatic tools for tapping into the innate wisdom of their bodies to help guide them into greater sovereign freedom. 

Jay Noone: Investing in Our Posterity

Jay spent his youth going to horse auctions, livestock auctions, horse shows and rodeos with his horse trader libertarian dad. Jay met his wife Shalon at the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest) in 2014, they got married at Porcfest in 2018, bought a home with some land, had 2 kids and started raising cows, pigs and chickens and preparing the next generation to not need government. Jay runs the ManCamp project, to build children’s confidence by teaching them real life skills like welding, blacksmithing, farming, problem solving, patience, tolerance, and most importantly encouraging them to earn their dopamine hits from farm/iron work not from screen based activities.

Blake Hudson: Permaculture Design & Technology
Over the last decade, Blake has been studying, practicing & teaching permaculture throughout Australia & internationally. Over this time he has constantly evolved his education about all aspects of regenerative land practices including broad acre regenerative farming, biodynamics, syntropics, market gardening, bio-intensive & nutrient-dense gardening. He also offers landscape designs which provide a blueprint to create beautiful, edible landscapes that will feed and nurture and bring immense joy into the lives of those that build them.

In his presentation, Blake outlines how he blends advanced computer design and drone footage with permaculture principles and regenerative land practices. He offers many tips on how the home user can use these tech tools for their own garden or property designs. 

The Nonconformist Series: Freedom Begins at Home is a free online eventtaking place from August 11th to the13th. Tickets are limited, so click here to secure your spot and hear from these amazing speakers and others.
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