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Your exclusive invitation from Lucy: VIP accommodation, summit, masterclass and a private dinnerYour exclusive invitation from Lucy:

Hey there,

If you are still looking for a place to stay in Bonfil, this may be it! 

We were asked to email you, on behalf of Lucy, and share this new package with you. 

An exclusive last-minute VIP accommodation option for Anarchapulco that includes many opportunities to interact with Jeff Berwick and other presenters directly. 

This VIP package includes a luxurious room at Casa Olas on the Beach in Bonfil and you can book a single or a double room while they last. 

It also includes access to the key events designed to help you level up in life:

  • The Game Changers "7-Bodies Program" Masterclass
  • The Dollar Vigilante‚Äôs Internationalization and Investment Summit
  • An exclusive lunch with Jeff and Lucy

With check-in on February 10 and check-out on February 18, this is your chance to experience Anarchapulco in an entirely new way. 

Book your exclusive Anarchapulco experience and be REBORN. 

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