🛣️ A journey to your inner self: Reborn X Spotlight

Hey there,

Embark on a transformative experience at the "The Angelic Breath - The Ultimate Rebirthing Breathwork & Angelic Reiki Healing Experience" workshop at Anarchapulco led by the renowned practitioner Samantha Pilbeam.

Workshop Details:

Title: The Angelic Breath Workshop

Led by: Samantha Pilbeam

Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Duration: 150 minutes

Investment: $69.00

Discover the profound journey to inner self through the fusion of Rebirthing Breathwork and Angelic Reiki healing practices. 

This workshop offers a rare opportunity for deep emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, paving the way for deeper self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Register for The Angelic Breath Workshop for a transformative experience that goes beyond the conference hustle, offering an opportunity to reset, recharge, and realign.

PS. This is just one of the many exciting workshops featured at the upcoming Anarchapulco Reborn X. For the full list of workshops and retreats select from the menu on the left. 

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