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🤯Retreats to expand your mind @ Anarchapulco!

There is so much more to Anarchapulco than a lineup of speakers!

The Anarchawakening Retreats are designed to help you recharge and recalibrate yourself. You might be stressed, confused, or simply exhausted. 

These retreats led by supreme professionals will help you release stress and recharge your batteries. 

Some of the retreats offered this year are:

To see the full list of Anarchawakening Retreats check the tickets page. 

Make sure you register early as these have strict audience limits. 

-The Anarchapulco Team

PS: This year the workshops offered during the conference are promising to be at the very least mind-expanding… at most, possibly life changing. 

If you want to see the Workshops offered at the conference just check the tickets page and click on Workshops on the left. 

PPS. For attendees with a ticket already, login and check the Agoraforko Dashboard to see as more workshops and events are going to be added in the coming days. 

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