Claim your Anarchapulco event NFT, exclusive to Anarchapulco 24 attendees. 

Deadline to claim: May 1, 2024

Anarchapulco 24 NFT

The 2024 Anarchapulco Event NFT designed by Ulysses XYZ.


The NFT references iconic themes of the conference, in particular the impact of Hurricane Otis on Acapulco and the immediate efforts of the Anarchapulco community to raise funds and support the hands-on restoration of the Bonfil beach area in Acapulco where the conference takes place.

Instructions to receive your NFT


Send your Metamask address (see instructions below) to [email protected] from your registered email address with 'Anarchapulco 2024 NFT' in the email title. 


Sign up before May 01, 2024.


Strictly one NFT per Anarchapulco registered email. 



Download Metamask wallet 

Metamask will appear as a mobile phone app

or as an extension in your browser. 

For help downloading see video below or 


Ensure you keep a copy of your Metamask seed phrase safe immediately on creating your account and prior to sending someone your Metamask address.  

For guidance on how to do this see this short video.


Send your Metamask address to [email protected] 


  Open your wallet via the mobile app or by clicking on the Fox icon to the right 

of your browser search bar. 


It will open as a pop-up window. 


If the Fox icon is not available, click on the Jigsaw icon, then on Metamask. 


Click on the wallet address to copy and send to us at [email protected]


For more guidance see the videos below, or


Your NFT will now be sent to you.  

You will receive a confirmation email once transferred. 


 For any queries, email us at [email protected].

Video 1: How to download and install Metamask wallet. 

Video 2: How to pin Metamask wallet to your browser search bar

Video 3: How to find and copy your Metamask address

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