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Two Incredible Ways To Connect

You’ll always hear us say it: the best part of Anarchapulco is the people. That’s why we’re organizing two special events, both oriented towards meeting Anarchapulco’s greatest doers and shakers. The Ron Paul Formal Dinner Join us for a night on the beach with none other than Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Ron truly stands alone

Belief Busting: The Jedi Rebar Bend

Are you the Victim or the Sovereign? The Victim complains and blames others for how they feel. ‘You made me feel insecure when you said that.’ The Sovereign takes responsibility for how they feel and has a developed sense of emotional intelligence. ‘I noticed I felt insecure when I heard you say that.’ The Victim

Tension and Trauma Release Class with Pyasa

The old German saying ‘hol di stief’ – literally meaning – ‘hold your self stiff’ reflects the mass CULTure’s dysfunctional  relationship with our natural expression. This presents in many unheathly ways but, today I wanted to speak about what happens when we have a frightening experience because- it’s not actually the experience which creates trauma

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