Join Us February 6-10th, 2023 for the 9th Annual Anarchapulco and February 11-18th for the 1st Annual Agoraforko!

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Welcome to the resistance!

Join us in Acapulco February 5-10 for the VIP event!

We've added a second week of decentralized fun known as Agoraforko, February 11-18!
(Included in VIP ticket or separate ticket required)​

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Latest News

Three Ways to Treat Yourself

Anarchapulco isn’t just a time to commune with thought leaders and attend the best parties on earth - it’s also a time to heal. This year, we’re offering three Anarchawakening retreats, all leading up to the main conference: Bufo, mushrooms, and Ayahuasca. Treat yourself to one, two, or all three: 1) Bufo They say bufo

Have you checked out our workshops??

Anarchapulco isn’t just about delivering top-quality downloads about the state of the world: our other major passion is practical skillbuilding. And what better way to build your skills than with a top-quality workshop? You asked, we delivered: this year we’re bringing in more workshops than ever before, free and paid alike! ***Please note: if you

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Have you attended Anarchapulco before? If so, which ones? How were you involved? I attended my first Anarcapulco in 2019 as a spectator. I remember seeing David Icke, Ron Paul, Clive DeCarl, and Del Bigtree. I returned in 2022 as a speaker for the first time. I loved the spontaneous community that developed and made

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