Join Us February 6-10th, 2023 for the 9th Annual Anarchapulco and February 11-18th for the 1st Annual Agoraforko!

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Join us in Acapulco February 5-10 for the VIP event!

We've added a second week of decentralized fun known as Agoraforko, February 11-18!
(Included in VIP ticket or separate ticket required)​

Latest News

Anarchovid 4: Harvest is almost here!

You are cordially invited to our final Anarchovid, taking place on November 20th. Some think we need to stop talking about this. We understand where that’s coming from. At Anarchapulco, we’re big into focusing on the positive world we want to create.We want it to be over, but is it over? When Fauci is free,

Adios PayPal: Why We Are No Longer Accepting PayPal

It’s come to our attention that PayPal has quietly instituted the policy in regards to their “Acceptable Use Policy”. This states that anyone that doesn’t fully comply with it can be charged $2500 USD for every violation of this policy. Evidently the money is used to pay for the investigation into your account in the

Lights Camera Action! Larken Rose's New Movie

Hello Anarchapulco Family, We are excited to announce to all of you the incredible feature film that Larken Rose, a long time Anarchapulco speaker, is about to finish, and how you can get involved. It is called The Jones Plantation. The film takes place in the antebellum south on a slave plantation. This film is

Looking for previous event replays???

Looking for previous event replays?

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