Introducing Liberpulco!

What is Liberpulco you ask? It’s a collaborative event between Anarchapulco and Liberland event being held in Europe this September 2024!

Have you been to Anarchapulco before? Yes, you say? Well, Liberpulco is being produced by the same team you know and love.  We’re excited to create this event in the eastern hemisphere…It’s our inaugural freedom conference in Serbia.

Haven’t been to Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico yet? We’ve gotten a lot of feedback lately, that many of you in the freedom movement have heard about it before, but for some reason, haven’t made it out in person.  Definitely, write to us and let us know why you haven’t come before.  

For those of you who don’t know, 2024 was our 10th year running this conference in Acapulco, MX! We’re very proud of this achievement.  We’re getting bigger and better despite having been set back by hurricane Otis in late 2023.

Our 1st Liberpulco, think Anarchapulco 10 years ago, is a very exciting initiative for us.  We’re organizing Liberpulco with Liberland to not only be the premier freedom event on the European continent, but to be more accessible to our neighbors from the East.  We understand it’s not always financially feasible to fly across the planet, pay for hotels, & tickets, not to mention the jet lag! We have 4 ticket types available to you to make your decision an easier one.

Liberland, the world’s FREEST country is but a short flight or train ride away for those of you who live in Europe.  Liberland’s ARK Village Apatin Serbia, is so cool! It’s the largest eco-village in the region.  We have a fabulous line-up of speakers ready to educate and inspire you, including the President of Liberland, Vit Jedlička. 

Join us in Liberland for the 3 day main event which runs from the 5th-7th of September.  It’ll be a full schedule of informative talks.  You can find out more about the speakers at  

You’ll hear about many options available to you to thrive, not just survive in a world gone wild.  The ideas may be brand new to you, or cementing thoughts which you have been toying with for a while, or just the spark to light the fire for you to make some moves for yourself and your family.  You’ll make new friends with similar viewpoints, and have a really great experience.

You’ll want to come early and bring some friends for the decentralized, Liberforko pre-event which is run by various individuals from the community. It takes place from the 2nd-4th of September. The calendar will be available on the official website and you can add your own events or follow the events of others.

If you’ve got some extra time, consider staying 1 day longer for a tour of Liberland on the 8th of September.  Details to follow shortly.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be welcoming new and returning friends to this first European event to continue fostering the spirit of voluntaryism.  Go to NOW to secure your spot for this historic festival.

-Anarchapulco Production Team

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