An Important Message From Jeff Berwick on Surviving and Prospering During the Apocalypse

I seem to be able to see things coming before others real-eyes it.  Some may call it a blessing.  In some ways it is a curse.

But, I have seen a lot of things before most people do.  And, often I am called crazy by them.

In 1992 I quit my job at a bank just as they were going to offer me the bank manager position at the age of 22 years old.  Why?  Well, the internet had just come out and while hardly anyone was even aware of it, I knew it was going to be massive.  Everyone at the bank thought I was crazy, turning down the bank manager position to start an internet company.

But, seven years later my company was worth $240 million.

I was the first financial analyst to recommend Bitcoin at $3 in 2011 too.  Hardly anyone listened to me at the time as this new “computer money” seemed crazy.  $70,000 later… Then I recommended Ethereum at $2 in 2016.  It went on to hit $5,000!

And, I’ve been telling people to get out of the West if they can and to freer, safer places like Mexico for 15 years.  Back then, almost everyone thought I was insane.  Now, masses of people are fleeing and defecting from the West to places like Latin America.

So, you should pay extra attention when I tell you now that you should be rapidly preparing for an apocalyptic few years ahead.  Whether it is World War III, Disease X or Bird flu plandemics, cyber attacks or the financial system collapse… things are about to get insane.

The ‘curse’ part about seeing things ahead of time is that hardly anyone ever listens to me.  They wait until it is too late and then end up in a much worse position.

So, I hope you will listen to me now when I tell you that you need to see the full two day Anarchapulco: Non Conformist Series event that just wrapped up.

We had some incredible speakers giving all their best insights, information and inspiration for how they have already prepared for what is coming and how you can quickly do the same.

The Non Conformist Series brought the spirit of ideas in action from around the world. We saw the evolution of communities both in planning & development and in progress with many pragmatic solutions to creating and maintaining strong and long lasting decentralized societies. 

Host and stage manager, Rebecca Scott said that she learnt something from every presentation yet was particularly inspired by the new comer presenters Persefoni and Danae from the Greek  offgrid community and by the monumental task that Ernie Hancock from Occupy The Land has taken on in the Arizona summer heat!

I also took at least 10 things from the event that I’ll be taking action on in my own life.  And, I was already more prepared than 99.9% of people on Earth are.

It’s two full days of incredible information and inspiration but you can get immediate access to it and watch at your own time and pace.

I’d suggest you do.  There isn’t much time left to get all the best information and act on it in whatever way you can.

Whether it be ideas on growing your own food, living offgrid, tapping into energies, preparing yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for what is to come and much, much more.

And, I gave a 45 minute talk on the one key thing you need to do to ensure your future.  If you can just do the one key thing I recommend then, actually, none of the other things will even matter that much.  You’ll be completely happy and ready for anything and everything.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, when I first heard of these ideas years ago I thought so too.  Now, I’m living them and am not only totally unworried about anything to come but completely happy and ready for it.

If you don’t feel that way and are worried and feel unprepared, then just click on the following link ASAP and join me and others already living in a beautiful new reality.

You can get instant access to it all here:

If you feel lost and don’t know what to do or where to start, just click the link.

If you feel frozen and unable to make the moves you know you need to make, just click the link.

I am predicting that major events that will shift the world dramatically and cause a lot of pain and suffering for billions will happen as soon as this fall.

So, take these last few months and make the most of it!  It’s all here ready for you right now:

I hope you do and you join us as we enjoy the apocalypse, survive everything that is coming and move on to Sat Yuga!

May the odds be forever in your favor!

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