anarchapulco plus health and wellness

Anarchapulco + Health & Wellness Feb 12th - 18th: $395


Four days of presentations, debates and panels from the leading minds in liberty. Topics include Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, expatriation, self-discovery, persuasion strategies, economics, ethics, war, parenting, and alternatives to the state. Enjoy breathtaking views of Acapulco Bay from our rooftop conference room, and long nights of drinking and dining beachside while mingling with like-minded anarchocapitalists from all over the world.


Our biggest addition to Anarchapulco this year will be the Anarchapulco Health and Wellness Retreat which includes 3 days of beachside yoga, fitness training, diet planning, medical tourism, life coaching, holotropic breath training and more. We believe it’s vital for the future of freedom that those who are forging it be strong, not just in mind, but also in body and spirit. So we’re putting together a great line up to provide you with the best tools, training and techniques to get to the best version of yourself.


  • Cassi & Cindy Konopasek

    Founders of Gut2BFree

  • Juan Pablo Ruiz & Azul Anaite

    Founders of Cacao Ancestral

  • Arturo Ponce De León

    Fractal Science - Healing as nature knows it

  • Kenny Palurintano

    Life Optimization Facilitator, Kenny's Conscious Kitchen

  • Clive de Carle

    Anarchist Wizard

  • Syrene

    Tantra Teacher

  • Ken and Janine Jordan

    Founders of Green Wave (non-for-profit)

  • Joanna Sosińska

    Acroyoga Teacher

  • Mackenzie Wolfe

    Holistic Healer

  • Lynne Franks

    Author, Communications Guru and Wise Woman

  • Macey Tomlin

    Psychonaught Evangelist

  • Bill Gochenour

    Energy Healer

Cassi & Cindy Konopasek

Founders of Gut2BFree

Cindy and Cassi are a mother daughter duo in business, nutrition, and learning! An intuition for unique strengths, creativity, and relationships, can be attributed to a shared lifelong passion for horses.

Cindy is a certified gaps practitioner and RN. Her experience in nursing, exercise physiology, business and investing speaks volume to her passion for trying new things and taking action immediately!

Cassi’s background in biochemistry, compliments her love for business, investing, cooking, yoga, and travel and offers a well rounded, analytical perspective, as a liaison.

Cindy and Cassi discovered you actually learn the most from the adventure of answering other people’s questions, which naturally fueled the desire to offer a place to connect, share knowledge, and take action! Each day, the resounding consensus is to engage the life you design and experience the vitality you are born to enjoy!

Juan Pablo Ruiz & Azul Anaite

Founders of Cacao Ancestral

Juan Pablo Ruiz was born in Mexico City. Growing up in Mexico, he had the opportunity to get in touch with elders from his country’s tradition, this started nourishing his curiosity for the sacred and the invisible world. Later on in life, his search would bring him in contact with the path of sacred plants from South America and Mexico as well as with the tradition of the Red Path and the practice of vision quest.

In 2013 he had his first contact with cacao through a couple of friends who worked with the plant in a ceremonial context. A few months later, he met Anaite who had also been working with
cacao and together they traveled to Guatemala where they found their teacher, with whom they established a deeper relationship with the plant. After this first encounter, they continued learning from him and eventually started sharing ceremonies of their own.

Currently he lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, with his family. He facilitates cacao ceremonies, works as a painter, depicting power animals and plants from different traditions. He also works with plant spirit medicine and herbalism. Currently he is in the process of creating a fusion of artwork, energy work and plant medicine.

Azul Anaité was born in Guatemala and moved to Mexico at a young age. Thanks to her parents who worked with different indigenous groups and to her own inner calling, she established close relationship with a number of ancient tradition and became familiar with their essence and message. Later on in life she trained as an energy healer in a number different modalities.

In 2013 she had her first contact with cacao and started a deep personal work with this sacred seed which would eventually bring her and Juan Pablo together, to work and share what they have gathered in their paths in their cacao ceremony.

Currently she lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico with her husband and 4 children, sharing cacao ceremonies and holding women circles with the intention of awakening the contact with the sacred feminine, in harmony with the sacred masculine.

Arturo Ponce De León

Fractal Science - Healing as nature knows it

Info coming soon!

Kenny Palurintano

Life Optimization Facilitator, Kenny's Conscious Kitchen

Talk Title: “Stop Giving Away Your Power, and Claim Your Health Sovereignty”

You are a sovereign being and your body is yours alone. No other is capable of telling you what is best for your body. Whether it’s diets, plant medicines, supplements, or exercises; your body knows what it needs. Knowing how to listen to yourself first in order to listen to others knowledge, do your research, sit with the options, and make your own choices are the fundamentals of health sovereignty.

Clive de Carle

Anarchist Wizard

Previously an organic farmer and entrepreneur, Clive chose to specialize in natural health after a near-death experience at the hands of doctors thirty years ago. Unable to walk or dress himself after a course of antibiotics, sentenced to death by the doctors, and organs failing him, he worked out that he was low on nutrients. Clive refused the doctor’s drugs and recovered using minerals and vitamins. His crippling arthritis all disappeared, he stopped wasting away and he came back to life, all without drugs.
While Clive’s life’s goal is to help the global peaceful revolution, he chose to teach health when he realized that most people today are too busy being ill and caring for ill family members to join the revolution. He realized there is a need to cure everyone and once this is achieved, then the masses can finally open their eyes to their enslavement and understand the steps to freedom.
Be sure to catch his talk, ‘The anarchists guide to never being ill.’


Tantra Teacher

Syrene is a natural born channel and empath and indigo child. At a very young age Syrene was introduced to a yogic form of meditation and movement by her mother, who was a student of Desikachar. Mediation was a way of life and she was lucky enough to learn several forms of healing modalities from several teachers including her parents. As a young adult she was very active in the spiritual community where she was introduced to her shaman Lee Hardy. In 2005 she began to practice shamanism vigorously. Syrene is sufficient in dream magic, soul retrieval, past life regressions, shadow work, entity removal, chakra and energy balancing. Syrene felt naturally called to Tantra as so much of what we hold in the way of trauma is around our sexuality. Called to assist clearing the way of guilt and shame and opening others up to the beauty, and abundance of love that is all around us.

Ken and Janine Jordan

Founders of Green Wave (non-for-profit)

KEN: Ken Jordan is one of the founding members of the electronic music duo The Crystal Method. The band’s first album, Vegas, is certified platinum and The Crystal Method have received two
Grammy nominations during their long career. Ken retired in 2016 and moved from Los Angeles to Costa Rica full time. He and his wife, Janine, have built and developed The Green Wave House, a carbon-negative house and small farm in Costa Rica. Ken now enjoys organic farming with his wife and teaching his Kensanity H.I.I.T. class almost everyday.

Education University of Nevada, Las Vegas – B.A. Broadcast Communications 1988

JANINE: Dedicated to living in service, Janine started Green Wave in 2006 to raise awareness about applied holistic living (environmental / social awareness issues and action). Passionate
entrepreneur and yogini, Janine Jordan’s main yogic focus has been that of action, or karma yoga.

Education University of San Diego – Bachelors of Business Administration

Title of talk: “Green Acre and a Half”

Moving away from the limelight and the bright city lights. Relocating from Los Angeles to Costa Rica to live sustainably and start a small organic farm for ourselves.
We will discuss building a small pre-fab home and planning a small farm using permaculture principles.

Joanna Sosińska

Acroyoga Teacher

Acroyoga is the unique fusion of Yoga, Dance, Acrobatic and Thai massage. The most important in Acro Yoga is the pure fun and fact that its brings people closer together! You don’t need any expiriance- only a little bit of curiosity and desire of adventure! To start Acro Yoga saftly we will study the basic positions , counterbalance, partner Yoga and also relaxing therapeutic flying. See you in the air!

Mackenzie Wolfe

Holistic Healer

Workshops descriptions:

“Enhancing Your Life With Essential Oils”

This workshop will cover several facets of therapeutic grade essential oils. First, what is an essential oil? The science behind essential oils and how they interact with our bodies will be explained. Then, the ways essential oils can be used in our lives for maximum health/benefits will be covered. Finally, workshop participants will get to interact with the oils; smell test, ask questions, and create a product they can walk away with.

“Micro to Macro: Yoga and Cycles”

Before exploring our bodies through yoga asanas and breath work, we will learn about the perpetual 13 Moon calendar, the specifics of the Mayan calendar system which is still in perfect harmony today. Mackenzie will demonstrate how to easily incorporate the 13 Moon Calendar into your life, with simple yoga poses and meditations to go along. Take home knowledge that will radically transform your daily experience!

Lynne Franks

Author, Communications Guru and Wise Woman

Throughout Lynne’s long and successful career, she has influenced awareness of many societal shifts and trends both in the UK and internationally.

She positioned the UK as a world fashion leader by initiating London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Awards.

Her wide breadth of influence in the business world includes developing McDonald’s UK women’s leadership network; working with Tesco on engaging their women’s customers through media partnerships; launching high fashion home shopping with NEXT and motivating the public towards responsible consumerism when advocating John Elkington’s trailblazing Green Consumer Week.

Lynne also initiated a wide diversity of awareness campaigns for social causes including the creation of Fashion Cares, taken over by Mac Cosmetics to become the world’s biggest fundraiser for HIV/Aids; working with Amnesty International on global awareness of human rights through music and collaborating with Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith on the production of Fashion Aid at the Albert Hall.

She was a major UK advocate on the global situation regarding sexual violence to women and girls, working with her friend Eve Ensler to bring attention to women being used as weapons of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She chaired Viva, the UK’s first women’s radio station after selling her eponymous PR agency in the early 90’s and put on What Women Want, the major festival at the South Bank in ’95, stimulating dialogue on the situation of women in the UK and beyond.

Lynne then attended the UN’s 4th largest women’s conference, held in summer ’95 in Beijing, where she worked as a radio journalist sending home the voices and issues of women worldwide.

While living in California, she founded and ran the new marketing agency GlobalFusion, representing many consumer brands and retailers across the US from her offices in LA and San Francisco.

Her books and workshops, including The SEED Handbook, published worldwide in 2000, pioneered a more feminine approach to business, combined with personal empowerment, inspiring thousands of women to join a movement of sustainable economic independence. Since establishing the SEED (Sustainable Enterprise and Empowerment Dynamics) women’s empowerment platform and body of learning materials, she has championed women’s leadership from post-war Bosnia, to rural South African villages and for women in prisons to women in the corporate boardroom.

Lynne continues her journey, consulting, writing and speaking on societal shifts, women’s empowerment and a more sustainable, peaceful world for all.

She has recently relocated to Somerset, where she is working on creating a women’s led community hub, developing her Power of Seven workshops and writing her new book, The POD Effect.

Born in 1948 and in her seventh decade, Lynne believes that she still has much work to do and intends to commit her life to spending one third of her time being paid to do the work she loves, one third of her time in service to a better world and one third of her time enjoying her life with the people and places she loves.

She is a parent of two and a grandmother of six.

Workshop Title: The Power of Seven; Women’s Leadership; Me; We; US

Macey Tomlin

Psychonaught Evangelist

Title of talk:

“How Plant Medicine Changed My Life”

Bill Gochenour

Energy Healer

In coaching and workshops you will learn how to Enhance your self-esteem, Manage stress and conflict which support your emotional and spiritual well being, Understand how being grounded and centered are the keys to manifestation, create a loving relationship with yourself and others, overcome problems in your life, develop your intuition, explore higher states of consciousness, free yourself from your past pain, protect yourself from negative people, hear and understand guidance form your angels, reach higher levels of spiritual awareenss, see and understand auras and the energy field in everything and much more!

I offer individual training and workshops designed to help develop your intuition, and spiritual awareness.
I am certified in Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Iridology, and Aura analysis and coaching.
I a still learning, searching, growing, and continuously transforming!
I offer tools for personal transformation, self-improvement, and enlightenment.
I help you discover the Master Healer inside of you!
I work with color, sound, aroma, massage, Reiki, Soul Weaving, in person or with Distant Healing.
My goal is to connect you to the amazing spiritual intelligence resting within your heart and free you from the illusions that weaken the spirit.
You are Love, remembering how to love!



  • "The Shape of Healing", "Raw Food Cooking"
  • "Live Well with Essential Oils"
  • "Bridging the Divide - A Medics Journey from the ER to Medicine Woman"
  • "Healing Trauma Through Yoga Therapy"
  • "Micro to Macro: Yoga and Cycles" 
  •  And More!