Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable is COMING!

What should you expect??

We’ve expanded the conference from four days to five, and we’ve ramped up our offerings, including:

-Breakfast and lunch for all five days, made with delicious local food
-An open bar
-Red-hot nightlife
-Virtual access all through the event (Can't make the morning speeches? No problem, watch from your hotel room.)
-High-consciousness vibe and event programming
-Five days in paradise with the world’s #1 freedom community

More of what you loved from last year...

Each day will be organized into themes, as follows:

Where is it?

Our slice of paradise....

Anarchapulco 2022: Unstoppable will take place in the lush and beautiful Jardin Secreto, across the street from Bonfil beachtown.

That's right, the we are back at the same venue from last year that everyone was RAVING about to produce the most high vibe event humanly possible.
Bonfil is ten minutes from the airport, and twenty minutes from downtown Acapulco. Flights and hotel are not included; look in Bonfil and Diamante for accomodations.

Who will be there?

Wondering about speakers?

We’ve got you covered. We’re bringing in activists, doctors, nurses and cutting-edge thinkers.
In a world where so many are willing to sacrifice freedom for safety, we couldn’t be more proud of this year’s lineup of brilliant, courageous and forward-thinking minds.
Confirmed speakers include:
-Dr. Ben Tapper
-Max Igan
-Dr. Rashid Buttar
-Susan Sweetin
-And our own, Jeff Berwick

What about healing ceremonies?

We’ll also be hosting sacred ceremonies as part of our sister conference, Anarchawakening, exploring such medicines as bufo, mushrooms, and peyote.

For more information on those, follow the links below: (will insert links below when I have them)

-Bufo Retreat
-Mushroom Awakening
-Peyote Awakening

Want to learn more about the event from the production team?


SOLD OUT the only way to get a ticket is via exchange in the Anarchapulco official telegram chat

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