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Conversations in Anarchy is BACK!

We’ve been spending the year figuring out how to make this Anarchapulco the best yet: with epic speakers, delicious food and a beautiful venue, all set in a lush tropical paradise.

But there was one feedback we got over and over.

You wanted Conversations in Anarchy.

That’s why, this Sunday, we’re bringing back Conversations in Anarchy, Anarchapulco’s official podcast. Our first episode will be a “Meet the Team” episode, followed by an open question period with you, the audience.

The episode will air on Sunday November 13th at 7:30pm Eastern Time, live. Got a burning question you want to ask Anarchapulco? This is your chance!

After that first episode, we’ll be meeting every two weeks for further podcast episodes.

We’ve got lots of episode ideas, some of which include:
Preparing for shamanic ceremonies
How to deal with narcissism and abuse in small communities
Health practices to recover from vaccine injury
How to prep for when shit hits the fan

If you’ve got ideas for topics you’d really like us to cover, get in touch!

The episode will air on or Youtube and will be posted our official YouTube. 

Follow the link

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