Off Grid Autonomy 101 In Person Workshop with Chad Schwartz

Have you ever wanted to get started with collecting your own electricity and water off grid?

Do you trust the state’s electric and water utilities?

If the answer to those two questions were ‘yes’ and ‘no’, then you will love Chad’s workshop on how to begin with solar panels, off grid water procurement, and introduction to Earthship systems.

Who is this workshop for?

This is an introduction for newbies and beginners. If you are already good with electricity and plumbing, then you might not get much from this.


However, if you are someone who wants their autonomy in regards to basic utilities, then come and learn the basics on how to collect and use energy and water off grid.

Why should you join in?

Energy and water fall from the sky for free. 


 If we learn how to manage this free flow of our basic needs, then we will be stepping into a much more free and exciting world. 


Put your energy and water back into your hands. This will not be difficult.  

What Will You Learn?

You will understand how solar power and off grid water work.  

You will get to practice with your own two hands and hook up off grid solar and water.  

You will learn the good brands and specifications for equipment.  

You will also be taught about concepts and principles to go along with the hands on knowledge.

When and where?

Stay tuned for official time for this workshop hosted at the Earthship at Jardin Secreto.  

Workshop Will Include…

1.)Education And Hands On Practice With Solar Panel Wiring/Battery Charging/Solar Gear.
2.)Water pump wiring and off grid water systems
3.)Brands/specs of equipment
4.) Tips and tricks for getting around building code inspections in the US
Message me at [email protected] with questions.

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