Freedom Activist Bootcamp with Adam Kokesh Feb 20th: $100

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Adam Kokesh has been a full-time activist/media producer for over ten years and has gotten a reputation for being "an activist's activist," always looking to inspire, mentor, and lift up those motivated to get involved in advancing freedom. With his production brand of ADAM VS THE MAN, he has been a radio host, a TV host, a YouTuber with over 100m views, and a successful podcaster. As a civil disobedience activist, he has been arrested over three dozen times, resulting in countless viral videos and international headlines. As an author, he has self-published two books, Hot, Dirty, & Dangerous set for release soon, and FREEDOM!, the "Voluntaryist Bible" with over 50,000 copies in circulation and 2 million downloads. He has organized major national protest events, served on the boards of several major organizations, and founded his own 501(c)3 nonprofit. In this full day workshop, you will learn as much as possible in all of these fields in which Adam has lessons to share, many learned the hard way!

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