Superhero Power Activation with Pyasa Neko Siff Workshop

Length: 80 minutes
Price: $44
What if reality is not exactly as it seems and our efforts to change the dominant paradigm are actually being executed from the same mundane mindset that fuels it?

What if consciousness creates reality and we are far more powerful than we’ve been taught to believe?

Psychokinesis has been considered a para-normal phenomenon.
I am here to show you, it’s not!

Come have FUN breaking through limiting beliefs and discover what you are actually capable of because …. ‘WE NEED YOU!’ to help shift the collective!

In this workshop you will learn how to activate your innate superpowers; we will explore some of the basic principles for freeing your mind and how you can apply them to the practice of psychokinesis so you can experience the ‘magic’ of spoon bending.

“We attended a webinar on spoon bending hosted by Pyasa and it was epic! Most of the class was able to bend their spoon before we logged off (including Paolo and I). I still cannot believe I did this!!! It took me 3 tries to really harness my chi, but I made it happen, baby!!! May the fork be with you!” - Caterina & Paolo Bonandin
Caterina and Paolo Bonandin


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